Ghost Bosses
What is a ghost boss

A GHOST boss, or just called a "ghost boss" is a boss that has spawned off the map. These bosses cannot be reached by conventional means.

How will I know a ghost boss spawned?

To know if a boss is a ghost boss, DFProfiler's Bossmap will tell you.

Ghost Boss Example Image

But I see people refer to a "ghost" hound!

The ghost hound is the most common form of a "ghost" boss. As far as we know, the ghost hound is likely the only ghost boss spawn in Dead Frontier.

What is a ghost hound?

Almost everyday, a devil hound will spawn somewhere in the inner city. There is a chance that the devil hound will spawn in an unreachable area and will count as a "ghost" hound.

Is there a way I can track these devil hounds?

Yes there is! If you are in the Dead Frontier Series Discord, you can go to the #df1-bot-commands channel and be added to the 'dh' role to be notified about the devil hound spawns and if they are ghost hounds or not.

Ghost Hound Discord Example DarkGhost Hound Discord Example Light