DFPBoss Bot

Just a friendly reminder that you should change your password often and enable the enhanced security to keep your account secure. The Black Market on Dead Frontier is active and malicious users are always looking for vulnerable accounts.

DFPBoss Bot

Use this link to invite DFPBoss bot to your server!

What Does DFPBoss Bot Do?

This Discord bot will provide the same functionality you see in the official Dead Frontier Discord server. This also includes some additional functionality like setting up channels to post boss and outpost updates in, displaying mission changes, and automatically pinging roles of your choosing!


To get started with the bot, you should create the channels that you plan to use. DFPBossBot will need the ability to send messages in any of the channels you intend the bot to work in.

When you create the channel you want the bot to post the devil hound and volatile leaper announcements in, you can run the following command,
/set category:Devil Hound channel:#bosses
This command will enable the bot to post Devil Hound updates in the channel you set. Please change the parameters of the command for your server.

That is the quickest way to make this bot work. For further configuration, it is recommended you read through the commands.

Terms of Service

Any and all abuses of DFPBoss Bot can restrict your access to DFPBoss Bot. Abuses include excessive usage with the intention of breaking the bot, attempting to run unauthorized code through the bot, and intentional calls to the bot to find exploits / vulnerabilities. Inviting DFPBoss Bot to your server makes you subject to these terms and agree with everything outlined in the following privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

DFPBoss Bot records all messages that call the bot via the commands listed on this page, all direct messages, user identifications for abuse tracking, and server identification for saving configurations. None of the data gathered will be used for anything besides operating bossbot. If you wish to have data you have sent the bot removed, you can contact me in Dead Frontier (hotrods20). If the nature of the data sent is appropriate, it will be removed without incident.

Slash Commands
Command Description Usage
info information about DFPBoss Bot and a link to this page. /info
set Sets output channels for various pings and notifications. /set [Notification] [Channel] [Role]
unset Unsets configured channels and roles. /unset [Notification]
get Gets information about notification channels and roles. /get [Notification]