DFProfiler Achievements
User Profile Achievements
Icon Title Description/Hint
A Handful of Problems Icon A Handful of Problems Have ten or more hands on character at once - Petew Gwiffin (′ꈍωꈍ‵)#4689
Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Icon Let The Bodies Hit The Floor have ten or more child`s bodies on character at once - Laplacè#5842
Devil`s Advocate Icon Devil`s Advocate Have three hell craft weapons equipped
Eggman Icon Eggman Equip the egg head mask
Easter Scavenger Hunt 2021 Icon Easter Scavenger Hunt 2021 Awarded to the winners of the Easter Scavenger Hunt 2021 event
Infinity Implant Icon Infinity Implant ???
Guardian Angel Icon Guardian Angel Have three angel craft weapons equipped - Stanley Lynch#4678
What's in a Name? Icon What's in a Name? Have four renamed items equipped - Stanley Lynch#4678
Addict Icon Addict Have one of each mini boost on your character at once - Stanley Lynch#4678
Junkie Icon Junkie Have one of each regular boost on your character at once - Stanley Lynch#4678
Uncle Scrooge Icon Uncle Scrooge Have five security boxes on your character at once - Stanley Lynch#4678
Easter 2021 Helper Icon Easter 2021 Helper Given to those who helped set up the event.
Horror Casual Icon Horror Casual Any Machete and Hockey Mask in inventory.
Horror Fan Icon Horror Fan Horror Casual + any Chainsaw, Potato Sack, and Insanity Mask in inventory.
Horror Enthusiast Icon Horror Enthusiast Horror Fan + a Nail Bat and Blood Sample in inventory.
Horror Lunatic Icon Horror Lunatic Horror Enthusiast + 4 Blood Samples (Total: 5), 2 Severed Hands, a Child's Body, and a Devil's Heart