Legends Never Die
Just a friendly reminder that you should change your password often and enable the enhanced security to keep your account secure. The Black Market on Dead Frontier is active and malicious users are always looking for vulnerable accounts.
As a reminder to those who may not be aware, DF1 had a database leak in 2014 containing encrypted user passwords. Feel free to read more about it here
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Clan Multi-Page
Username Level Rank Profession Weekly TS Weekly TPK All Time TS All Time TPK Total Exp Membership Outpost Armor Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Weapon 3
KASSIO RAMON 173 Coronel Architect 0 0 232,768,727 2,300 701,003,034 GM Secronom Bunker [duskreactive 23/22]
[duskenforcer 8/8/8]

[duskrazor 5/5/8]

[duskmag 8/8/8]
leonidas brasileiro 110 LND Senior Boxer 0 0 64,805,603 280 257,900,084 GM Secronom Bunker [kevlarvest 13/00]
[msg9 5/1/0]

[crissvictor 1/7/8]

[fmmitrail 3/2/6]


The list of members and the information on this page may not be 100% accurate all the time. Official Clan Page at deadfrontier.com